The Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo Hand Warmer


At Superflu’s, we love remain classy in every circonstances and It’s not easy to keep hands warm without having to wear gloves that give you a look of polar explorer.

Thanks to the Zippo Hand Warmer, there is now a simple way to keep your hands warm and in style !

The look of the Zippo Hand Warmer looks like the mythic lighter, but it emits intense heat without a flame through a process called catalytic combustion.
Imagine a miniature camp fire without coal, twigs and flames that come with it … Curious isn’t it?
With its roving fiberglass platinum catalyzed and a tiny dose of lighter fuel, the Zippo Hand Warmer can produce ten times more heat than any conventional hand warmer and last more than twelve hours on a single full!
To engage the beast is simple : light the wick, wait until the light turns red, close the Zippo Hand Warmer and store it in its protective case.
Now morning outings in winter will not make you afraid, and shake hands with your colleagues no longer require ritual warm!
We are huge fans of this after, and we enjoy it after our motorbike rides during the winter !
If you want to order yours, you can find it here at Amazon.