the Lamborghini LM002

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The Lamborghini been the first real SUV ever build. From 1986 to 1993 Lamborghini build 301 of these great cars, years before the word SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle ) was invented.

In the beginning the LM002 was powered by the 12 cylinder engine with 5167cc that was designed to power the Contact 5000QV and a manual 5-speed gearshift. Later you could order the Lamborghini LM002 with a V12 engine with 7200cc and around 600HP, an engine that was usually used in class 1 offshore racing boats. Now the six dual-throat Weber carburettors where changed to Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection . In this case the car was called LM004. This version was only available in the USA.
Even though it’s weight of 2700kg the car’s acceleration was breathtaking for it’s time, 0-100km/h in 7.8 seconds. It was fitted with a 290 liter fuel tank as consumption of the V12 was somewhere between 25 and 48 litres for 100 kilometres.
The 325mm tires where specially designed and produced for the LM002 by Pirelli. Quite a challenge at that time, as the enormous weight of the car with it’s top speed of 210km/h. They came in two versions. Either sand or mixed use. No other tires where available.
Interior all leather with matching wool carpets and an Alpine Power stereo system mounted in a roof console, power windows and air condition. Pretty much everything that was available in the late eighties.
The first car was delivered to H.R.H King Hassan of Morocco. Sylvester Stallone owned one, also Tina Turner, Van Halen, Malcom Forbes, Mike Tysson and Pablo Escobar, to name only a view.
Today, the LM002 is a very rare sight and lots of those cars are lost or hidden away in private collections. If you want to buy one they start at somewhere around 150.000€, not really a bargain, but at least you won’t be unnoticed when you drop off your kids at school.
The LM002 is one of our favourite cars, very crazy, lots of power and probably very complicated to repair…..we still love the LM002!
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the Cliff House Project




We love this idea! Imagined by the agency MODSCAPE  this house is just breathtaking. A metallic structure with windows all around hanging off the cliff viewing over the Australian ocean in the state of Victoria. Imagine yourself in a hot bathtub with view over the ocean or watching a romantic moonrise or maybe a thunderstorm approaching! It must be amazing.

Very interesting about this concept its MODSCAPE’s idea of building with modular structures, that gives you the possibility of prefabrication and finishing the structure on location. This whole structure is hanging of engineered steel pins that are anchored in the rock of the cliff……we really would love to spend a night in this unique place ! The only thing we wonder about though, is erosion….. but then, if the house starts to fall off the cliff, you only have to open the window and jump and swim to the next beach before the sharks will get you.


to get in contact with MODSCAPE just click here

a Formula 1 for the road

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The BAC Mono

We spotted this crazy machine coming across the channel from England and if you read the numbers ( 280 bhp for only 540kg ) you can already feel the fun you’ll have with this beast!

Well, they wanted something extreme, fun and only good for driving. And that’s what they did. The only storage in this car doesn’t even fit a helmet. It only fits one person ( very well thought ). There is no option of a roof or other conveniences like AC, wipers or a cigarette lighter. This is the pure driving machine! The BAC MONO is what we always wanted!
The Mono’s weight distribution is 48% / 52% and the power to weight relation in 520 bhp per ton. This is pretty impressive and promises extreme sensation on the track ( and on deserted mountain roads ! )
Every part on this car is hand picked. From the Cosworth exhaust over the Willans eat belts to the AP racing brake system. Every detail has been chosen for its specific purpose and quality. The whole is being hand mounted by a team of 18 just out of Liverpool.
This is one of the most impressive driving machines we’ve come across lately. Very desirable, very extreme and very egoistic!  We love it!

the world’s fastest limousine, the Bentley Mulsanne Speed

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The new Bentley Mulsanne Speed has a little more power than before. They managed to find some extra horsepower in the massive 6.75 litter V8 Biturbo engine. It now has 537 bhp and 1100 newtonmeter at 1750revs and a new top speed of 305km/h. This is pretty fast !
It will probably be it bit more thirsty now, but when you spend some 300.000€ to 350.000€ (depending on details and extras) on a car you probably won’t be short of cash for petrol. They talk about something like 14l/100km but we find this hard to believe…..but who cares!
This new Bentley is stunning, beautiful, breathtaking, full of luxury and crazy fast. At Superflu we think this absolutely superfluous, but very very desirable! We love it and if we had the cash we ‘d buy the Bentley in white with champagne leather.

The Midal Type 1

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The Midual Type 1 Motorcycle

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 10.55.27This is a custom build motorcycle developed, build and assembled in France. The first thing we stumbled about is it’s price. They are asking 140.000€. We think that is very, very expensive. But well, who cares about money.
The bike comes with a flat 2 cylinder engine ( like a BMW  )that puts 106HP on the road, 17 inch spoke wheels and a sweet Brembo brake system. All instrumentation has on the tank and you lots of nice looking leather a little bit all over the bike. It seems as they put an awe full amount of work into the development of this bike. We think it looks pretty ugly, heavy, fat….sorry, but no, we do not like the looks of this bike, but that’s personal.
Unfortunately we cannot tell you about it’s capabilities on the road. Performances should be pretty good, but then, if you spend this much money on a bike that’s the least you can expect…..and about it’s style, if you are into this bike and you think it’s pretty, they are capable of building 35 a year and you can order your’s here. We imagine there are lots of possibilities to modify colors, materials and probably exhaust system and other pieces to meet your personal taste as it’s all totally custom made, so your bike could be unique and very, very personal.
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Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.02.22The Marion Olive Boot

This is the kind of boot your grandfather was wearing for half his life. They are handmade in the workboot tradition, made to last for a very very long time. The more you wear them the better they look and the longer you own them the more you will love wearing them.
The boots are US made out of Horween Chromexel leather with brass eyelets and a Blake Rapid Stitch construction and with a lot ofpassion. We think the olive color looks just great in combination with the red laces.
Joshua Bingaman, the company founder and his team make sure that every boot is made to perfection.
Check out the Helm Boots website and the all the other boots they make. We think they are all great!


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Ferrari California T

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Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.24.25It’s been 25 years since Ferrari didn’t turbocharged their engines. Actually, since the death of Enzo Ferrari. The last turbocharged engine they put into one of the most amazing super cars ever. The fabulous and so special F40. And it was mister Enzo Ferrari who ordered so back then.
But now they did it again. The Ferrari California T’s V8 engine as now 560 HP and hits 100kmh after 3.6 seconds. To pass 200kmh it needs only 11.2 seconds and top speed is 316 kmh. This is pretty cool!
They are talking about 10.5 l /100km but we do not really believe them. On the other side, if you buy this Ferrari for 409.888 $ you will probably not be short of fuel-cash… nobody really cares.
It has a sweet Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes with latest ABS technology that stop this beauty after 34 m if you glide at 100kmh.

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The mid-front mounted engine gives it an ideal weight distribution of 47% front 53% rear, and they lowered the engine another 4 cm to optimize their center of gravity. All this gives the California T perfect traction and it is one of the greatest pleasures to feel the wind in your hair and the tires glued to the road while racing through the Italian mountain roads…..not talking about the sound that caress your ears…’s as close to petrol head paradise as it can get.
The rest is pretty much standard and absolutely beautiful. The leather finish and the feeling when you take a seat. A great work of Italian design and style. Electronics to choose if you race a track or if you are just cruising easy ( between race mode and casual cruising it’s like changing cars!! Very, very impressive! ) It’s a fantastic car, a perfect daily driver and a great GT. Our friends at Ferrari did a stunning job.
This car has everything to fall in love with……if there wasn’t its price tag.


to order your new toy click here 
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