Leather Crazy


I went to see this guy because I wanted to see his workshop. And I wanted to meet him,  Jean-Philippe. He has quite a reputation in the scene. He is specialized in Porsche 356 upholstery. Renovating seats, carpets and convertible roofs.

It was my friend Nick who told me about Jean-Philippe first. So I gave him a call…..answering machine. I left a message, but he did not call me back. I sent an e-mail…..no answer. I had to call another two times until I got hold of him.

_E9A7865Very friendly on the phone, yes, I could come by any time, he would  always be there, in his workshop. Tuesday ? yes, Tuesday is fine. OK. Thanks, see you Tuesday morning, then.   Thank you, bye…….That was it.

I drove out there on Tuesday morning. A one hour drive, a sunny day. It felt like it would be a fun day.Continue Reading

Fuel Consumption Tracking Application


Since I had my very first car I loved to know how the gas/mileage I was doing. In different condition, summer and winter, loaded, city or highway. For no particular reason, I thought it just really interesting.

So  for years I had this little notebook where I wrote down milage, how much fuel at what price and I calculated my exact consumption. Continue Reading

Reflections on American roads

Van Nuys Blvd, LA

Why Americans have larger roads ?

Every time I get off the plane arriving in the US I have this reflexion “why have Americans larger roads than we do ?”. They are just so wide and spacy. The emergency lane on the right is bigger than most streets in Paris and you could fit two Renault Twingos on a regular lane as back in Europe we are already having trouble riding two Motorcycles side by side.

I can understandthe US speed limit. The roads are often in a terrible shape, potholes that could hide a 4 year old, cracks that look like skid marks from a dinosaur ( what are they doing there ??? ) And you will never notice any of this in a proper American car with their waterbed suspension. But don’t drive European, you’ll end up with back problems, a severe concussion and impotence when you hit those bumps. But than why are they this wide???





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