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Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.02.22The Marion Olive Boot

This is the kind of boot your grandfather was wearing for half his life. They are handmade in the workboot tradition, made to last for a very very long time. The more you wear them the better they look and the longer you own them the more you will love wearing them.
The boots are US made out of Horween Chromexel leather with brass eyelets and a Blake Rapid Stitch construction and with a lot ofpassion. We think the olive color looks just great in combination with the red laces.
Joshua Bingaman, the company founder and his team make sure that every boot is made to perfection.
Check out the Helm Boots website and the all the other boots they make. We think they are all great!


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shooting Marc Newson

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Shooting Marc Newson

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 7.24.02It was a short notice call. A good friend of mine called me and asked if I was available for a reportage. They would make Marc Newson work on one of their products. He would be coming to their factory the day after tomorrow. If I could be there to document and photograph the day with Marc. You believe….sure I would make time and be available! I loved this guy and his work!. His chaise longue it just amazing and being sold for nearly 1 Mio $ is just crazy. Is this still design or is it art? Anyways. I was over excited about this job. Even if there would not be much time for talking. He was on a business trip and this wasn’t about me or I was there to document.Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 7.23.34
He was really cool though. He flew in on a private plane from London, wearing sneakers, jeans and an old sweatshirt. Just a cool guy like you and me, no attitude and not the superstar you might imagine. And easy to work with, too. Whenever I needed him to do something again because i missed the shot he was cool about it.
This day went by like a day on the beach. Fun, easy, some nice talking and a nice chat over lunch. It felt more like being with friends than with the superstar of contemporary design and clients.
Unfortunately the images are still confidential and I am not allowed to say the client’s name either….. Mac Newson’s new creation will be out in about a year or something like this…..I will be able to show you images then.
Take some time and browse about all the stuff he puts his mind and his hands on. He touches about pretty much everthing, boats, cars, bottles, watches, planes, furnitures and so on….what a talent!

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