The Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo Hand Warmer


At Superflu’s, we love remain classy in every circonstances and It’s not easy to keep hands warm without having to wear gloves that give you a look of polar explorer.

Thanks to the Zippo Hand Warmer, there is now a simple way to keep your hands warm and in style !

The look of the Zippo Hand Warmer looks like the mythic lighter, but it emits intense heat without a flame through a process called catalytic combustion.
Imagine a miniature camp fire without coal, twigs and flames that come with it … Curious isn’t it?
With its roving fiberglass platinum catalyzed and a tiny dose of lighter fuel, the Zippo Hand Warmer can produce ten times more heat than any conventional hand warmer and last more than twelve hours on a single full!
To engage the beast is simple : light the wick, wait until the light turns red, close the Zippo Hand Warmer and store it in its protective case.
Now morning outings in winter will not make you afraid, and shake hands with your colleagues no longer require ritual warm!
We are huge fans of this after, and we enjoy it after our motorbike rides during the winter !
If you want to order yours, you can find it here at Amazon.

a Formula 1 for the road

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 2.15.20


The BAC Mono

We spotted this crazy machine coming across the channel from England and if you read the numbers ( 280 bhp for only 540kg ) you can already feel the fun you’ll have with this beast!

Well, they wanted something extreme, fun and only good for driving. And that’s what they did. The only storage in this car doesn’t even fit a helmet. It only fits one person ( very well thought ). There is no option of a roof or other conveniences like AC, wipers or a cigarette lighter. This is the pure driving machine! The BAC MONO is what we always wanted!
The Mono’s weight distribution is 48% / 52% and the power to weight relation in 520 bhp per ton. This is pretty impressive and promises extreme sensation on the track ( and on deserted mountain roads ! )
Every part on this car is hand picked. From the Cosworth exhaust over the Willans eat belts to the AP racing brake system. Every detail has been chosen for its specific purpose and quality. The whole is being hand mounted by a team of 18 just out of Liverpool.
This is one of the most impressive driving machines we’ve come across lately. Very desirable, very extreme and very egoistic!  We love it!

Pelican Elite Luggage Collection


Pelican Elite Luggage

We have been using Pelican cases for years now. Always the same 2 cases, all over the world. Never a problem. They fell off a motorcycle at 60 km/h, we sat on them, used them as a table, they got checked in on a number of flights and the kept my cameras sand free in a sandstorm in Libya. They are just perfect and indestructible.
Now Pelican comes out with a more classy edition. The Elite Luggage Collection! WE think they look great (much better than the equipment cases !! ) and they seem to be pretty solid. So no worries that you get a ruined and broken suitcase when pick up your luggage at some wild airport . They are fitted with solid wheels so you can roll them pretty much anywhere, they are watertight ( for 1 hour at the depth of one meter ) and they have a perfect interior design to keep your stuff organized. They lock up and the won’t sink when you throw them in the ocean ( if it’s not loaded with gold).
We think this new luggage collection is pretty cool and with it’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence it’s just the piece of luggage you want when you are a frequent traveler.

the world’s fastest limousine, the Bentley Mulsanne Speed

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 5.40.07


The new Bentley Mulsanne Speed has a little more power than before. They managed to find some extra horsepower in the massive 6.75 litter V8 Biturbo engine. It now has 537 bhp and 1100 newtonmeter at 1750revs and a new top speed of 305km/h. This is pretty fast !
It will probably be it bit more thirsty now, but when you spend some 300.000€ to 350.000€ (depending on details and extras) on a car you probably won’t be short of cash for petrol. They talk about something like 14l/100km but we find this hard to believe…..but who cares!
This new Bentley is stunning, beautiful, breathtaking, full of luxury and crazy fast. At Superflu we think this absolutely superfluous, but very very desirable! We love it and if we had the cash we ‘d buy the Bentley in white with champagne leather.

the Hooverboard


This thing looks like crazy fun. We have to admit….we haven’t tried it and the whole functioning is not totally clear but it seems as  to operate the hooverboard you need something with an engine that follows to power the thing….mmmmh…not sure if that’s good….anyways, check out the video, looks like fun to us!

the Marcos GT, an underestimated classic



Except if you lived on another planet for 20 years, you are aware that classic cars are fashion and the demand is pretty high these days.

This mechanism, well known to traders and art collector, had a crazy impact on prices. Some shitty cars, for example a not-well-repainted Citroën Ami 6, were sold 33700€ last year in Monaco (expected not more than 6000€ by experts).

The problem is complicated for the real car enthusiast, and the same question appears for each of them: which classic car affordable can I buy???

So today, let’s talk about a forgotten and unrecognized classic car, less than 30000 € and with many qualities, a real GT: the MARCOS GT.

The Marcos GT was produced by Marcos Industry, a company co-founded by Jem Marsh and Frank Costin (designer of the famous Jaguar Lister Costin).

As many stories, this one starts in a Pub in England 1959. At this time, many races were club races and they decided to build an ultralight car to win this kind of races.

The prototype is made with a wood chassis (such as Morgan, crazy roast-beef) and Bill Moss won 9 of 10 races with the prototype. At this time, a young race driver called Jackie Stewart is impressed by the car and order one in 1960.

Starts a long story with financial problems for Marcos Industry, the company cannot find enough found and sells are too low to earn money.  But in 1964, Marcos comes back with a new car, still with wooden parts with the Marcos 1800, powered by a Volvo B18 engine 1783cc, 118 HP with 2 Weber carburetors and 772 kg!images-3

According to the press and race driver who tried it, this car is very good on track and also on open roads. A GT-Race car, with a aggressive driving position, very good handling, precise direction and fast, with enough power for the weight.

To reduce cost of the car, the engine change in 1967 for the Ford Kent 1599 cc (100 HP or 120 HP prepared by Lawrence Tune). Then in 1969, the V6 Ford 3 liters replace the 4 cylinders, and for US approval (reduction of engine pollution in the US in the 70’s), the V6 Ford is replaced by a V6 Volvo 3 liter 140 HP one year later. To reassure customers, the wood structure where replaced by steel on the V6 versions, increasing weight to 1065kg.

Nowadays, you can find a Marcos GT for less than 30 000 €, so less than the Ami 6 from Monte Carlo but it could be hard to find it in good conditions. Most of the cars are right hand drive, so you need to consider a conversion in addition of buying.  There is still some very good GT available ready to use.

images-5For the design, the shape is interesting, very close to 60’s Italian design (CF Bizzarrini) but with an English touch. It’s not discrete for sure and everybody has an opinion on the car, some like the look and some don’t.

The fact is that you can have a very good and reliable classic GT, that allows you to run on a racetrack on Saturday, enjoy little roads with Madame the Sunday and even go to work during the week if you have a parking with style.

With every engine, the car is interesting, but seems better in a lightweight configuration with the 1800 or 1600. Unfortunately, the car price will probably not increase in the future, due to lack of recognition, but maybe a crazy new rich guy from a small principality would buy it for 100 000€.


this article has been submitted by G.O.

Porsche 911 Targa

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.20.37

If you take a look at the new Porsche Targa it looks really good. They did a great job and they combined all the vintage features that we like so much perfectly with the new 911 design. A real head turner!

If you open the door and take a seat in the leather sport seats everything looks and feels as it should. The engine sounds like a Porsche and the only thing you want to do is hit the road.

When you push the button for the Targa roof a lot of things happen. The rear window lifts up, the roll bar splits open and the Targa roof moves backwards to place itself in the back. Then the roll bar closes again and the back window swings in place. And the whole in perfect german craftsmanship. A nice work of engineering.

And then the driving. It’s smooth, it’s all the power you might want, the steering is perfect and traction could not be better. You can open the roof at-10°, power up the heat and burn mountain roads… much fun. As you would expect from a Porsche.

The Targa always comes with four wheel drive and is powered by the fabulous 3.4l six cylinder boxer that puts out 350 HP.  Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.51.20This will push the Targa 0-100 in 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 282 km/h ( the S-Version has 3.8l with 400HP and a top speed of 296 km/h ). All this is pretty spectacular and breathtaking. As usual the Porsche 911 Targa combines great design, great finish and amazing everything else great as well.

But then, when you really think about it… is a little bit an old men’s car….not young, not fresh, all automatic….and it’s gott
en big and a little fat over the years. Park it next to a 1970″ model. You would be surprised how big it has gotten over the years.

If we had the choice we’d prefer the original version. Something less perfect, something to work on when you are driving, but still reliable We would not want to miss this german feeling that you get in every Porsche, the quality and the love they put into every detail since they build them. The 2014 Porsche Targa is a great car, but we would not want one. We seriously prefer a Targa from last century.


check out the Porsche website here


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